Mythic Nythendra Down!

by Jogan-Llane, 33 days ago

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Xavius Heroic Down!

by Jogan-Llane, 40 days ago

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Heroic Cenarius Down!

by Jogan-Llane, 41 days ago

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Announcing RECon 2017!

by Jogan-Llane, 49 days ago

 RECon is back! For those that are new to the guild Requiem Eternum has it's own annual gamer con just for RE members. This will be our third year to hold it. RECon gives our guildies the chance to meet in person, play non-digital games with physical pieces, and do a ton of eating and drinking.

There is one major change in RECon 2017 from previous years -- it will not be at Click's house. Because of the growing number of attendees we're going to rent a big house in the woods/mountains/somewhere else(we haven't decided the exact house). It will be somewhere in the Virginia/Carolinas area though.

Click here for the details and sign up post.

Here's some photos from RECons past :

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Heroic Ursoc Down!

by Jogan-Llane, 53 days ago

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